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It's a surreal world after all !


Can you see the three eyed cat lurking behind the flowers? Have you wagered a paradise on a game of wishbone? Have you ridden the emotional roller coaster of a half-hearted woman? Is your one true love a rabbit and you don't know what to do? Well, you will feel just at home here!

In this series of conceptual illustrations i am exploring the juxtaposition of deceptively innocent color pallets and shapes with some deeper or even darker symbolism. Balancing between childhood innocence and a dark fairy tale, the initial frivolity gives way to a more profound and meaningful work aiming to provoke, puzzle but also amuse.

three eyed black panther hiding behind colorful tropical flowers with a yellow parrot, blue dragonflies and a scimitar.
Victorian gothic illustration of an evil white cat over a cute dead bird in a floral frame with a quote reading: well what did you expect?
mystical neo-Victorian style illustration of a three eyed panther along with a couple of colorful parrots and occult symbols
Victorian circus animal poster style illustration of an angry tiger roaring on a striped pink and yellow background quoted La Tigresse furieuse
colorful dark romantic illustration of a Victorian couple playing the game of wishbone titled, lost paradise, regained
Victorian gothic skull with red wild rose branches growing from it, along with the fool tarot card and a quoted ribbon writing 'waiting for the right moment'
Victorian circus animal poster inspired illustration featuring a sad heartbroken rabbit wearing a ruff collar on a pink background.
mystical illustration of a hand emerging from the sea holding a blue diamond surrounded by two orcas riding waves and a quote reading 'dive deep and bring back treasures'
rabbit girl and rabbit, looking through a ring of fire, surrounded by tarot cards and two crows holding a quoted ribbon reading theirs was a forbidden love
romantic gothic illustration of the lovers tarot card featuring two peacocks tangled in white ribbon, surrounded by flowers and butterflies
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