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Phoenix was always on my mind.

This was a burning summer. It felt like a continuous attack of boiling candy that sticks on you. It wasn't only the fact that it was extremely hot this year. Living in Greece, you kind of get used to the heat. But how do you begin to understand that more than a million hectares were lost to wildfires in August? How can all this loss of life, homes, forests, animals, fortunes, dreams and expectations not affect you?

Watching all this devastation made me exceptionally angry and the feeling that worldwide things are destabilizing was numbing, but then I saw how the communities came together almost immediatelly, i saw how an unperesedent number off people worked together to help those impacted by the fires and I felt hopefull. I felt hopefull and i felt proud. And then Phoenix came on my mind. I guess Phoenix was always on my mind.

*Phoenix is one of the most ancient symbols of rebirth, creation and resurrection.

Originating in ancient Egypt, the myth of the Phoenix is associated with Bennu a deity of a heron bird that according to Egyptian tradition played a role in the creation of the world. Bennu is also linked to the god Ra and Osiris. In Greek mythology and according to Herodotus, the Phoenix, whose name means crimson, is a mythical immortal creature that in a never ending circle sets fire to its self and is then resurrected by its own ashes. Phoenix is associated with the worship of the Sun god and the god Apollo and myth has it that it had such a beautiful voice that even the Sun god stopped his chariot so he could hear it sing. In alchemy Phoenix is one of the alchemical birds and a symbol of fire, resurrection and renewal

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