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My favorite thing in this world

In early 2022 I started experimenting with linocut printing and I fell in love! There's something about the problem solving, manual labor, organic outcome, uniqueness and perfect imperfection that I find irresistible in linocut (linogravure- isn't the French name beautiful?).

So here is what I've made so far. All of the blocks are hand carved and the prints are hand printed.

the Amphorae

The Amhporae is a series of linocut prints, inspired by ancient Greek pottery and some of the flowers that i love, like the grandiflora Rose, the Narcissus flower and the chrysanthemum. 

Black ancient Greek amphora with flowers linocut print. Botanical Greek vase Lino print. Greek pottery, black linocut art. Linograveure
Black and blue Greek vase with flowers linocut print, classical, ancient Greek art linoleum print. Botanical vase block print
Ancient Greek mythology linocut print of blue amphora vase with flowers. Greek flower vessel Lino print
Greek mythology amphora with chrysanthemum linocut. Ancient Greek pottery Lino print. Greek ceramics block print wall art
Greek mythology linocut print of amphora with chrysanthemum flowers. Antique botanical linoleum prints. Ancient Greek aesthetics wall art
Greek pottery and chrysanthemums hand printed linocut print in blue black and red
ex voto inspired

This series is inspired by the religious votive offerings of Greece called 'Tamata''.

"Ex Votos"(or "tamata" in Greek), in Christian tradition are physical symbolic offerings usually made of gold or silver, that are given to a deity in fulfillment of a vow. I have chosen three of the most prominent ones, The Sacred Heart, the Key and the Hand, to give my own interpretation. For the first edition of the series I used a translucent handmade Japanese paper that conveyed a sense of fragility and transcendence that I found was complementing to the concept.

Black and gold ex voto inspired linocut of a Sacred heart. Flaming heart linocut print. Milagro linocut.
Black and gold Milagro hand linocut print. Ex voto inspired linocut print. Witchy Victorian hand and moon block print.
Black and gold Victorian skeleton key linocut. Pigeons and roses linoleum print. Black witchy botanical block print. Milagro linocut

Who doesn't love the hoopoe? This series is being enriched and hopefully it will be a big collection of bright and colorful linoleum prints featuring animals and plants of the Greek fauna and flora.

Hoopoe bird linocut print. Hoopoe sitting on a floral branch. Hoopoe wall art A3.
Large, bright and colorful linocut print of a hoopoe bird with red wild roses. Wildlife animal linocut art. Animals of Greece wall art.
Greek countryside bird linocut print. Black and red original linocut of bird sitting on a branch. Dog rose linocut print.
The Sun and the Moon

The celestial constants of our life and most significant symbols throughout various beliefs and religions. The sun and the moon have been observed for hundreds and worshiped for thousands of years, captivating people's imagination, feared and used to explain the perplexity of human existence. 

Gold linocut print of the sun and the moon. Gold celestial astrology linocut print of moon phases and sun
Black rectangular linocut print of the sun and the moon. Black celestial astrology linocut print of moon phases and sun
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