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linocut prints of wildlife animals featuring a fox a deer and a hoopoe

A hoopoe, a roe deer and a fox. Three of my favorite animals of the Greek wildlife! A two color linocut, hand printed on a 'Simili Japon' paper

detail of a linocut print of a deer
detail of a linocut print of a fox


rectangular linocut prints of the moon and the sun
detail of a linocut block of the phases of the moon being inked
detail of a gold sun linocut print

The celestial constants of our life and most significant symbols throughout various beliefs and religions. The sun and the moon have been observed for hundreds and worshiped for thousands of years, captivating people's imagination, feared and used to explain the perplexity of human existence. 


set of three mystical themed linocut prints

This series is inspired by the religious votive offerings of Greece called 'Tamata''.  These symbolic offerings are usually made of gold or silver, and are given to a deity in fulfillment of a vow. The Sacred Heart, the Key and the Hand are the most prominent.

detail of a linocut of a flaming heart
detail of a linocut of a woman's hand touching the moon

 folk motifs 

linocut prints of Greek folk motifs with birds and rabbits

Greek folk art is vastly rich in colors and motifs inspired by nature. Animals, plants but also elements like the sun and the moon were used to decorate textiles, ceramics, interiors, ecc and considered to have magical and protective powers, indicating a society in harmony with the surrounding nature and considering its self a part of it.

detail of a gold linocut print of Greek folk art
linocut detail of Greek folk art featuring rabbits and bees


linocut print featuring a Greek amphora vase with flowers and botanicals

This Amphora is filled roses and narcissus, typical flowers of the Greek countryside.

detail of a linocut print of a Greek amphora
detail of a linocut of a Greek amphora with flowers
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