Hi there!

I am Virginia Diakaki, the artist behind The Greener Pastures. I am also Sophia’s mom, a stage designer, a playwright and the owner of a crazy dog named Satsi. I love life’s irony, black humor, strange people and the good old times.

I started painting about ten years ago on a piece of wood board I found lying around the house.I had never dreamed that ten years later my house would be filled with painted wood boards and that I would be selling my art. I am always amazed with the way things that seem unimportant in the beginning, end up playing such an important role in ones life.

Painting for me now is the time when I am most happy. I close my little studio door, put some music on and off I go!

All of my work reflects the state of mind I am when I make it and I feel very connected with each illustration.
Artistically my work is highly inspired by Victorian imagery, vitriolic humor, Art Nouveau as well as antique Japanese illustrations, tarot cards and anything quirky that draws my attention. I use symbols and animals to interpret human nature, together with thoughts transformed into words. All of these conspire in order to depict human and familiar situations through a bitter-sweet filter balancing between childhood innocence and a dark fairy tale. My goal is to provoke, puzzle but also amuse the viewers of my work.

Thank you for taking the time to read ‘The Greener Pasture’s ‘ little story. I hope you enjoyed it.


Virginia Diakakis was born and raised in Athens, Greece. She studied Graphic and Interior design in Greece, subsequently stage design in the Fine Arts Academy in Florence, Italy.